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And so in my attempt to market this blog and blah blog my way to riches in the pay you to post and blog and make millions and billions online in the bloggerland blogosphere, someone left a comment on my “Sell This Product” posting yesterday that went like, “yer blog sucks and you are an adwhore.”. Now that leads me to wondering, what is an ad whore? Is that the same as a marketing whore. Does that Internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have a definition for that. Is that someone who is a whore for marketing, as the word sounds self explanatory. And I do seem to find myself lost in Bloggerland these days, as I am forever trying to figure out how to get rich Internet quick without ever having to leave home. And I do long for that Google page ranking of a thousand so much that I would like to repost this Ode To Blogging. And I am forever reading about that newly learned Internet marketing term “SEO”, as in optimize this site for those search engines; so much that I find myself cramming this site with every noun, verb, and place I can think of. And I am still forever trying to figure out ways to market, promote and build links for that link popularity thing for this blog to reach a bazillion readers a day. And I don’t think I will be getting rich Internet quick anytime soon with my one blog, as I still find myself blogging for pennies a day. And short of winning the lottery, I realize I cannot quit my day job anytime soon. And I have posted on every forum and quorum I can think of trying to advertise this blog. And short of walking around with a billboard attached too myself and a bullhorn in my hand yelling out my websites name, I am running out of ideas on how to market this blog. Maybe I should try skywriting in the sky with an airplane, or maybe I should read that 27 + 1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience again, or look for some more of those endless how to make millions online blogs, tutorials and manuals to read now. And what does the term “riches” mean anyway? Silver, gold and treasures, do you trust in them. And what if they perish. What profit do you have if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul. That could be a whole another blog posting. And what about that verse; “For the love of money is the root of all evil: while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows”. And how do bloggers get thousands and millions and billions of page views a day? I still have yet to figure that one out. Is there a magic trick to all of this? This blogging in a web 2.0 world, user generated content thing has got me going. Have a great day
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