Blaghers Thoughts

And I have heard it said that if you give up your dreams you die. And yet this post happens to be about blogging. And here goes that blah blaghers block again, that blagh entry where I find myself wondering what to blagh about simply for the purpose of attempting to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever possible. And so I always find myself wondering every so often, how do those other bazillion bloggers out there in bloggerland maintain content for those blogs, is there some sort of internet guru for that? And so again the blogger thought occurs to me, what can I blagh about in those random blogger thoughts, can I post a chapter a day from someones book as someone suggested to me. Can I post a poem a day from someones poem? Can I post an event a day from someones event? Can I just post someone else’s blog? Or is that one ethical. Can I just post one of those news feeds on this blog to feed this blog with news each day, as that one seems like an endless post of a one in these information over load non stop twenty five hours ten second MTV attention span generation news days. Can I find some sort of machine or blog that can post some random though a day for me. And what’s the purpose of that one. And so goes another one of those random blogger thoughts in this web 2.0 social media user generated content day. Have a great blogging and more day.
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