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And this seems to be another one of those days where I just want to post that Ode To Blogging post in my attempt to get rich internet quick blogaholicness, to where that Google page rank update wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job. And yet this post happens to be about a Nublu Jazz Festival and a Hoboken Artists Studio Tour. And again, as blogger usual, I know that Nublu Jazz Festival and that Hoboken Artists Studio tour are happening because those emails I receive, facebook event invites and friends who are playing at one of these events, says so. And what else is there to say about that all music and all art seemingly collective of a bar and club Nublu that is to be found in that yet trendy of a neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, that is to be found in that city of New York, except that Nublu Rocks. And what else is there to say about that 30th Annual Hoboken Artists Studio Tour to be found in another one of those trendy of a neighborhoods in that city of Hoboken that is to be found in that state of New Jersey that has not been said thirty times already, I am not sure, except that this Hoboken Artists Studio Tour rocks. And that announcement for that Hoboken Artists Studio Tour reads as follows:

Hoboken Artists Studio Tour

Saturday and Sunday, Movember 6th and 7th, noon to 6pm

A Free City-Wide Self-Guided Walking Tour of Artists’ Studios, Galleries & Community Group Exhibitions

Featuring the work of over 150 artists in over 40 locations

An 8 page Tour Guide with map will be available as an insert in the Hoboken Reporter the week before the tour or can be picked up at City Hall on the day of the tour.

City Hall is located at 94 Washington Street, between First & Newark Streets

Just 3 blocks from all public transportation including PATH, NJ trains & buses, NY Waterway Ferries and Hudson Bergen Lightrail.

And according to that eight page tour guide to be found in that Hudson Reporter, some of those participating artists and performers in this years event include:

Tim Daly, one of the original 13 who helped found this artist studio tour, Adam Saynuk, Frank Hanavan, Roslyn Rose, Kenneh Mueller, Virginia Rolston Parrott, Doug Auld, Chapeau Design, Paterson Arts Council, Lib Art Gallery, Monroe Arts Center, the Friary, Neumann Leather building and many many more.

And then some of those artists, performers and musicians in this years Nublu Jazz Festival November 5th-20th, 2010 include:

Alphabet Soup, Endangered Blood, Lew Soloff, The Fringe, Yeyi, DJ Spun,Brennan Green, Bato The Yugo, Paul Motian, Matt Pavolka, Ilhan Ersahin (Isn’t he the owner and/or founder of Nublu?), Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris, DJ Vladi,Juini Booth, DJ Hardedge, Marianniwith, Jeff Ballard, Ze Luis and Band, DJ Greg Caz, Revive Music Group, DJ Ouga, Sun Ra Arkestra, DJ MKL, Clark Gayton’s Situation, Wazzabi featuring Aaron Johnston, Redux, Underground Horns, Kenny Wollesen Father Figures, Dub N Such,Seamus Blake Quartet, Dodo, Didi Gutman, Anton, Forro In The Dark, Beco Dranoff, DJ Turmix, The Last Army Collective, Alex, Love Trio, Jonathon Haffner Band, Modest P and a whole lot more.

And what else again is there to be said about these events except that these festivals and tours rock. Have a great music, art and more day.
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