The Calendar

And from what I can see by looking at that Gregorian calendar on the wall is that is still the year 2010 A.D., or something like that. Though this post happens to be about 2011 promotional calendars. As usually the number 11 comes right after the number 10. And there’s that year 2012 to be found soon afterward. Now that should be an interesting one. That’s right, father time is passing us by, where seconds become minutes and minutes become hours, and hours become days and days that become weeks that become months, that become years that become centuries that become millenniums and so on and so on and so on. And so soon those holidays of festivities will be rolling around each year again and soon those stores will be displaying more and more of those end of the year beginning of next year calendars, those calendars that seem as if they want to tell us what to do right along next to those two sticks on the wall called clocks. And so there must be lots of words and sayings to be said about that word time. And now with the invention of all things internet, finding those calendars and creating your own personalized promotional calendars and more has never been easier.


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