Go Greyhound

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. “Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us”. Or something like that I think their motto goes. And from what I recall throughout my travels here on planet earth is that people sometimes take that Greyhound bus to that destination in somewhere North America and leave the driving to them. And those sides of those buses seem to have a photo of a hound dog going somewhere on them I guess. And so what’s that greyhound bus ride all about when one goes cross country in that country of North America, as it seems as if one has to be up to some serious adventure between sleeping sitting up for days at a time, trying not to sit near the bathroom seat if possible, getting off those buses at all hours of the day and night to transfer to another bus on one of those buses, trying not to get left behind at the rest stop or stranded at the side of the road kind of bus rides, reading one of those novels and books non stop even if it isn’t even interesting kind of rides to ride one of those buses and wondering whether to sit near the front or back of the bus kind of Greyhound bus rides. And that ride sometimes seems to be a ride of hard knock stories. And if one can get two seats to themselves to sit and sleep in on that Greyhound bus ride, wow! What’s that Greyhound bus ride all about.
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