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And for some reason or another this post has me wondering what the phrase CAT 2011 means. And now with the the invention of that thing called the internet where knowledge finds itself increased at the speed of a millennium to the point of information overload, one can find out what just about anything under the sun means with just a website visit away. Long lore ago are the days of looking in one of those encyclopedias or dictionaries to be found on ones shelf under that first letter of that word to see what that book says about it. And so back to that phrase CAT 2011. What does that mean? As it seems as if it has something to do with some sort of study material or test or exams for careers or something like that. And what is there to say about study and study materials and schools and education and careers that has not already been said in time enough to blog in this blog post. And that subject of careers and the work world workplace can be a whole another topic to itself, I think. And then what does that word work mean anyway, that could be a whole another blog post. And so if you happen to be looking for study materials, knowledge, exams, or some kind of career profession for some reason or another, finding that information can be just a website visit away.
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