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Good Friday

Hey bloggers, gee, I took a look at the date of the last posting I did on this blog and it looks like it was a few days ago. And I try to attempt to blah blog away as much as I can in my blogaholicness, and then there is real life versus the virtual world. And then there is also that other blog I attempted to start last week, yet another one of those No Police State Girl blogs. And I wonder if maybe I should try and think up a different name for those blogs already. And it seems as if it is that page rank thing that sent me there to looking for another blog anyway. And when it seems as if the world is falling down around me, I still find myself blah blogging away. And yesterday in the world on that day, the Gregorian calendar, and the advertisements say this day yesterday, was Good Friday, or maybe God’s Friday. I am not exactly sure what Good Friday is all about, maybe Wikipedia has an answer for that, but I gather it is some sort of religious holiday having to do with God and and fasting that leads up to Easter. And it is holy week this week, where praise to God and Jesus and his crucifixion could be given, whoever God may be. And what the heck does Easter have to do with eggs and bunnies anyway. Is that a spring, multiply, reproduce and be fruitful thing. And then there is Passover, isn’t that another religious holiday a month away for God. I should watch that Ten Commandments movie again, it is really educational to watch when one is too lazy to read the bible. Have a great holy week.

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