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Exchange My Link

And so I have spent the past couple of days trying to do link building for this blog in an attempt to blog to a Google page ranking of 100. And again I have been thinking of all sort of ways to build links for this page and improve this blogs search engine ranking because as I have learned from the endless amount of other blogs and online tutorials that everything is all about that SEO and linkbuilding thing and the ways to improve ones SEO are endless. And so for the past couple of days I have started out again with that blog roll thing, which by the way, if anyone happens to be reading this blog entry, I have added a blogroll to this page and I am looking for link exchanges if anyone is interested. And so that is a message I have found myself posting in forums this week along with the register your site with every single blog directory on planet earth and there seems to be millions of them out there in the blogosphere. And so I spent all day searching “Add url” to submit this site to a few blog directories and I even ran into a few of those do it yourself submit your site to 30 different search engine programs for free and then I thought, why pay those paid blog submission companies to submit your site when you can do it yourself for free. Oh, that’s only if you have a lot of time on your hands because this task can take days, weeks, and seemingly years. And so I have been trying to submit this site to everywhere that pops up that will accept it. Is this one of those 50-signs-youre-blogaholic?
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