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Hey Bloggers, Wow! I posted a blog entry the other day about the Blog World Expo event in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 8-9, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and yesterday the founder of the Blog World Expo has replied to my blog himself. How exciting. It is so exciting that I am reposting the comment. Blog World Rocks. Viva Las Vegas.

Thank you for the posts and links to our site.

To answer one of your questions, here is a short list of confirmed speakers:
Confirmed speakers:
Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, Mike Arrington, Jory Des Jardins, Aaron Wall, Charlene Li, Des Walsh, Paul Dunay, Jim Kukral, Leo Laporte, Leesa Barnes, Brett Trout, Shel Israel, Hugh Hewitt, Jeremy Wright, Dave Taylor, Matt Mullenweg, Glenn Reynolds, Bill Roggio, Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive, Andy Beal, Ed Morrissey, La Shawn Barber, David Corn, Will Leitch, Tyler Bleszinski, Matt Cerrone, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Larry Webber, Howard Kaushansky, Andy Wibbels, John Furrier, Ari Newman, Steve Boyett, Larry Schwartz, Maggie Fox, Brett Trout, Craig Howe, Professor David Perlmutter, Brian Clark, Brian Solis, Brad Feld, Stephanie Agresta, Avinash Kaushik, Rich Brooks, Paul Gillin, Thomas Frey and many more.

Lots of political bloggers, business bloggers, tech bloggers, mommy bloggers, milbloggers, godbloggers, pop culture bloggers, etc.

If you want to increase your readership, improve the look and functionality of your blog, monetize your content, or just meet some of the friends you have made in the blogosphere then you should join us this November in Vegas.

Thanks again and…

Blog on!
Rick Calvert, CEM
CEO & Co-founder
BlogWorld & New Media Expo

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