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And on this blogging day, that country of Japan to be found on planet earth has found itself in the headline news. Japan has experienced an earthquake with its repercussions being felt around the world. And so I came across this passage on one of those internet websites that I thought to repost on this blog with this recent event of earth in mind. And I am not exactly sure what to make of this passage in my attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever possible. Though it seems as if this passage and that photo above of the four horsemen of the apocalypse may have wanted to be posted on this blog on this day for some reason or another.

The birth pangs are increasing, they are multiplying by the second.

You will begin to see turmoil and tragedy within the earth as never before.

It shall come suddenly. Do not faint with fear but look up for your redemption draweth nigh.

The church cannot act anymore, staged performance leaves a stench in my nostrils,

the church must rise up and be that which I’ve declared it to be to survive the days, months and years ahead.

The Church as you’ve known it is no longer functional, rituals shall end and heaven shall begin if you follow the leading of My Spirit.

Worship shall increase, intercession shall explode…2 hours shall turn into four, six, eight, twelve.

I have set the time but are you ready? Again…are you ready? I said…ARE YOU READY?

Fasting is no longer optional, it is a must. I declare it. I’m drawing My people in close, to be neck and neck with The Almighty.

I AM calling all Ministers to flood the space between porch and altar with their fasting, their prayers, their tears. Flood the altar.

Cry out, Repent…of the sin of this country, fall on your face and pray as never before.

The days that are upon you shall require more sacrifice. Less of you and more of Me.

I’m getting ready to shake what you thought could not be shaken.

It shall shake, it shall quake…and My Spirit will erupt in unusual places says The Lord.

It is high tide in America, the waves are rushing in, waves that are disrupting sediment that has sat in secret below the surface for many years. It has reached the shoreline. I am exposing those things that have been hidden. Greed and Deception are fueling a financial tsunami that will cause unprecedented devastation and a rippling effect that will touch every nation if my people sit back and do nothing. They must pray, they cannot remain silent and wait for me to act. I will not act without unified intercession. I have called you to fast, I have called for you to intercede. My people have entered a comatose state, many slumber. I Am releasing a shaking, an awakening. Ministers wail between porch and altar, awaken My watchmen. Wake up My children, tumultuous times lie ahead, come together more regularly, bear one another’s burdens, walk in empathy towards one another, unify and strengthen your core.

The Lord says This Country has entered into a Paradigm shift that will either SHAKE or SHAPE this country.

This next season is an urgent season, a crucial season, the hours that remain are critical, I call my people to arise and exercise their kingdom authority. Watchmen, this is your finest hour. Night and day prayer will become mandatory during the hours that remain. Prayer furnaces will begin to blaze throughout this country. They will spread a fire that is contagious. Get your house in order says The Lord. Do not wait.

A prophetic portal has not only been opened over this church but it has been opened over this city. Prophets stand up, decree and declare my word from a place of Power over your churches, over this city and over this state. My Spirit will rush in, I will break in with power, unify yourselves, stand strong and of good courage as a Band of Brothers. You will be a mighty force to be reckoned with. I’m calling my churches to draw a battle line in the Spirit, in regards to the loud and rebellious voices that are bellowing from Washington. Stand up boldly and possess your territory, stake your claim. I will fuse churches together in this hour. They will not be separated. They shall become one says God.

“It is time to ROAR…

I have begun to agitate my body, the shaking that is here shall provoke a shifting, shift, shift, shift…it is time to shift gears Church. The days ahead will require my body to be alert and awake, ready to stand strong in the face of adversity. I am stirring my church to strip off the bandages of complacency that have kept them in spiritual blindness, for they have been bound by a spirit of stupor. It is time to SEE beyond today, it is time to PRAY beyond today, it is time to PREPARE for tomorrow. The days ahead are dark, you are the only light in this land that shall lead the way. There is an uproar of violence about to sweep across this land, it is coming this way. BUT I have placed a ROAR in my church, the same ROAR of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah, this ROAR shall cause mass confusion in the camp of the enemy, it shall reverberate throughout the land and cripple him in his tracks, it shall disable his plans and annihalate his blueprint for destruction. YOU MUST ROAR CHURCH, it is time to ROAR in the Spirit, it is time to AWAKE and make war. WAR WITH YOUR ROAR!”
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6 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Anonymous says:

    What imaginary writings are these? Surely not the Bible or anything resembling it… “Shift gears”? They sure knew how to do that in the 1st century AD!

    If you believe in the End Times at least use the source of prophecy, not silly imaginations.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Read Luke 21 and Matthew 24, and you'll know what the End Times means. These are no silly imaginations… it's time to repent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    so that's a pretty crazy statement! Good job with it! I would probably dial down the crazy a little, but whatever, that's your prerogative.

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