Random Thoughts

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And so on this day I have find myself yet again encountering that blah bloggers block thing where I find myself wondering what to blah blog about on this blagh for the sake of maintaining content for it whenever possible. And how do those other bazillion bloggers out there in bloggerland find things to blog about on those blogs all the time. Is there some internet guru for that? And so this random thought is about all of those emails that have been sitting in my email inbox with titles like “npsgirl sent you a video: Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Oil Spill & How It’s Being Used Against Us PT 3 of 9”, one of those YouTube videos, and “OIL SPILL – NEW INFO bulge on ocean floor, methane gas buildup will lead to explosion”, another one of those YouTube videos, and “Some Say BP’s Oil Spill Heralds the Apocalypse”, a article, and “I just saw it on Anatomical ridicule raises body-scanning concerns”, which I guess is a CNN article, and also “Proof+that+vulcanic+ash+comes+from+a+Nordic+god”,
and these all seem to be videos and articles that I have sent to myself in some sort of frantic, newsaholicness and blogaholicness that one day I may watch and read all of those videos and articles. And oh, there’s also “Yahoo! News Story – A 2nd garbage patch: Plastic soup seen in Atlantic – Yahoo! News”, “The Buzz Log – China Earthquake Raises Questions, Concerns – Yahoo! Buzz” and “The Buzz Log – Invasion of the Giant Squids – Yahoo! Buzz” sitting in that email inbox as well. And the titles of these news articles seem to speak for themselves. And am I ever going to get around to reading all of these articles in the age of the MTV ten second nanosecond attention span, a million pieces of information every half a second overload high tech everything information generation age. And so goes on this days random thought in the bloggerspere here on planet earth. Have a great news and more day.
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