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The Internet Expo

And The Internet Expo is happening at the Marriott Marquis in that city of New York this Sunday. I know because that free admission ticket that a friend of mine just sent me says so. And I am not exactly sure what their schedule of speakers, workshops, panels or seminars may read like, although being one of those blogaholics that I find myself being sometimes, I plan to go to that expo, as it has something to do with the internet, blogging, websites and more blogging. And so let’s see what that schedule may read like. Well according to that email I received and their website, that expo reads something like “The Learning Annex Internet Expo. Learn everything you need to know about making money online in one day”. Making money online you say? Get rich internet quick? Well if it’s free than it’s for me, maybe. And then there are to be found the logos of facebook, ebay, blog and iPhone. Does that mean that these logos can make you internet rich? Buy Tickets Now. And sure enough the smiling lady sitting at her computer in that photo on their website sure looks as if she could be making money online, maybe. And everything you need to know to computer your way to the bank from 25 experts in just day can be found at this expo, maybe. Have a great web 2.0 social media computer internet day.

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