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Time Out New York Style

And on this day finds itself another one of those Sundays that has rolled around. That day of rest, the Sabbath. Or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blah blogging away in my blogaholicness for some reason or another. And Time Out New York, that really cool all New York all the time magazine, has a really cool issue titled Most Stylish New Yorkers in their last weeks edition. I know, because that copy of it I came across says so. And it seems to be a stylish and coloforul tabloid like fashion plate of people around town dressed up in fashion statements indeed. So much, that I thought to blah blog about it on this blog. And in particular somewhere on page twelve through page twenty six or something, there they are, or at least most of them are according to Time Out New York. The stylish New Yorkers of Eleanor Friedberger, the musician in the Fiery Furnaces, Rio, financial analyst, Starrett Zenko, marketing director for Jonathan Adler, Victor Vazquez, musician in Das Racist, Elizabeth Spiridakis, style blogger, Ill Will, actor, artist, promoter and member of the Retro Kidz, Miss Frankie Rose, musician, Kid Cudi, musician, actor, vampire, Jeralyn Gerba, Daily Candy editor, Cale Parks, musician, Zewiditu Jewel, blogger, student and store owner, Michael Macko, fashion consultant, Chuck Guarino, proprietor and designer for TheCast, Cheryl, disco shamans, Christian Joy, costumer-fashion designer, Coco, makeup artist, Heidi Rosenau, head of PR for a museum, Shien Lee, founder-event producer for Dances of Vice, Josh Peskowitz, freelance editor, writer, stylist and consultant, Jared Joseph, actor in Dreamgirls, Golden Triangle, Brooklyn Band, Frank Tell, fashion designer, Robert James, owner, designer and creative director of By Robert James, Mary “MZ.Skittles” Seats, rapper-singer, student, fashion guru and stylist, Ryan Turner, menswear designer, Ouigi! “The Bearded Man” Theodore, DJ Cassidy, DJ and producer, Rajni Lucienne Jacques, fashion features editor at Nylon, Justin Reese, Topman sales adviser, Kelly Framel, stylist, jewelry designer and fashion blogger, Leah Taylor, managing editor of Flavorpill New York, Ruben Sanz Ramiro, sommelier,Jessica Delfino, twisted minstrel and subversive artsy lady, Louise Ingalls Sturges, photographer, painter, blogger and vintage vendor, Cats Mcdaid-Kelly, M.F.A. student at Parsons, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, fashion designers for Timo Weiland and a host of about fifteen or so other most stylish New Yorkers dressed up or down stylish. And sometimes that city of New York seems as if it can be all about fashion, style, trends and more style, fashion and trends. Have a great fashion Sunday day.

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