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Hey Bloggers, and here it is again on this day another day of the Sun here on planet earth, that day of rest. And for some reason, I find myself blah blogging random thoughts on this blog a lot lately in an attempt to maintain content on this blog whenever possible for some reason or another. And so that bloggers block of what to write about, if anything arises. And so I find myself with this folder of all these news clippings From New York City Newspapers and beyond that I wanted to blah blog commentary on in my blogaholicness at some point in time. And instead of blaghing commentary about each of these articles, I thought to blagh those headlines and a sentence or two of commentary, because hey, it’s less writings sometimes:

1. More people “going green”. Something about safe alternative non toxic cleaning products.
2. Prevent H1N1 Influenza. Get vaccinated. This Weekend. Is that media hype and publicity campaigns to benefit the pharmaceutical companies, or is it real? War tactics on instilling fear gets votes.
3. H20hhhh, No You Don’t! Something about natural gas drilling and causing toilets to explode.
4. Some store color advertisement with and ad for summer fun, water bombs and an image of a yellow and pink water gun. Innocent subliminal fun and guns are the worst invention ever.
5. Another Sunday paper advertisement from some sporting goods store with an advertisement for rifles, pistols and shotguns as hunting and outdoor equipment advertised next to gold clubs. Guns considered as a sport? The local paper mind you. And guns are the worst invention ever again. If only guns can be banished from every human being on planet earth.
6. Pols struggle to save mom-and pops. Something about rents get so high in the East Village of New York and elsewhere that even the yuppies can’t even afford to pay the rent.
7. Big stink over Brooklyn plant. Odor could stunt growth in Greenpoint. Something about that Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint that seems as if it wants to turn Greenpoint into a waste dump.
8. Tom’s cruising ahead. Something about the actor Tom Cruise’s film “Valkyrie” or Scientology being political and actually having a real message to say other than bubblegum. A seemingly rarity in Hollywood.
9. Pol: Houston Street medians are “tragedy waiting to happen”. Something about pedestrians being killed just crossing the street in the City of New York and cars having the right of way even when pedestrians become road kill. Will those streets ever become bicycle friendly. Will those Department of Transportation and other traffic laws ever change to become safer and pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Too many white ghost bikes chained to those light poles around town already.
10. Prozac pacifies pets,too. Something about the big pharma pharmaceutical war industry drugging up the dogs and animals too. Even the animals are now exhibiting symptoms of depression. Will the water be next. Oh, I think I have read somewhere that the drinking water is even now full of psych drugs to. How does the insurance companies profit from that one? Will Nazi Germany and mass murderers in white coats ever end?
11. Multi ‘million-dollar’ blocks of Brownsville. The cost of incarceration vs. investment in community. Something about the inner city poor, people of color and minorities make up the majority of the prison population. A Rockefeller Law maybe. Not sure what to comment on this one except no one is free when others are oppressed.
12. Pol: Ditch plastic bags. In proposal large stores would have to use paper. This seemingly utopian would be great for the environment if it ever happened. I think it may have happened somewhere in Europe maybe, a more socially and environmentally conscious country.
13. Watching your steps. Council OKs cameras at dance club doors as part of nightlife safety crackdown. Another one of those big brother is watching you headlines. The loss of civil and human rights in the name of security.
14. Sundance comes to B’klyn. And I think that Sundance Film Festival may have came and went to Brooklyn by the time this post is finished. Though it may make its way around again.
15. China using Web to spy on enemies. Researchers: Computers turned “listening devices”. I always seem to think China is that world economic superpower for some reason or another. Everything in the USA seems as if it in now made in China. Is everything in China made in the USA?

And this folder seems to still be stuffed with those articles that I thought I would get around to blah blogging about someday. To attempt to be continued another day, maybe. Have a great day of the Sun.

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