Random Thoughts

And there are thoughts that I find myself scribbling down on some piece of paper every so often for the purpose of one of those days I may get around to blah blogging them. And some of those thoughts on this day happen to be the topic of home ownership. What’s that all about? I have thought of home ownership as the idea that one can never truly own a home when there are state property taxes to be paid and the possibility that the state could take ones home as one of those foreclosures contributing to the mortgage meltdown if it doesn’t receive its rent in the name of property taxes as the ultimate landlord. What’s that all about? And then there’s that Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bus terminal at 42nd Street to be found in that city of New York with all of it’s buses, subways, shopping, business, transportation and people running back and forth going their way. And in the midst of all of this bustle and business are to be found those people dressed in military and camouflaged garb standing there brandishing machine guns as if awaiting world war three. What’s that all about. Is this another one of those New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority things where it floods its systems with more City of New York Police Department transit officers than riders? If only those subway, bus and transportation fares were free. No one is free while others are oppresses. And then there’s the topic of TV as in television, or evil vision, vision of evil, as those letters in the word television seem to have the words evil and live in it for some reason. And does this iconoclast of a tv create some sort of discord in households and homes and contribute to a cause for many divorces, maybe, for reasons being one wants to watch and listen tv and another does not, maybe. Someone wants to listen to a noisemaker entertainment device deceive, and another person in that household does not. And could those ear phones and ear plugs come in handy at this point. And what’s with all of that non stop drama and crime hours that seemingly fill up ninety percent of the programming or something like that on television anyway. And what if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?

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