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Yin And Yang

And so what exactly is Yin and Yang whose images I placed in this blog posting. And what do those words mean. Do those words mean something in another language? Let me consult that Internet bible dictionary Wikipedia and be right back……
Okay, so I didn’t exactly find out what those words meant in another language, though Wikipedia said it had something to do wit the word pinyin, whatever that word could mean. And it also has something to do with Taoism. Isn’t Taoism an Eastern philosophy. Anyway, from what I know, I think it has something to do with the ideas that opposites attract and it is the order of the energy of the universe or something. It is some sort of ki force, whatever Ki could mean. It could be those five elements of the earth, air, fire and water. It is black and white, up and down, hot and cold, loud and quiet, start and stop, salt and sugar, light and dark, life and death. It is that harmonious flow of energy and balance. And what if one is out of balance. It is the sun, the moon, plants, air, water, food, animals, man, the cycle of the seasons, day and night. And opposites attract. And whatever this cool looking image could mean, have a great yin yang day.

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