And even though I am finding myself in this City of Kansas City at the moment staring at event newspapers named “The Pitch”, which looks like some reincarnation version of the New York Village Voice, and “Ink”, I still find myself wondering what is going on in the world of culture in that City of New York. And then there is that Nonsense NYC event email list that I receive every week from Jeff Stark that I have found myself subscribing to that seems to be all events all the time. And one of this weeks list of events that I received is Galapagos, who seems to be moving around from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to what now looks like Dumbo, Brooklyn in the seemingly never ending gentrification, real estate and housing crisis of what seems like the current state of New York City. And that email is as follows:

Welcome Wagon, Tuesday August 5th

At a time when many theaters and performance spaces in New York have closed, Robert Elmes, Galapagos’ Director, has managed to make his vision for a new and expanded Galapagos a reality. This kick off event provides a wonderful opportunity for artists and audiences alike to glimpse the possibilities this stunning venue provides. To christen this beautiful new venue independent producer and curator Earl Dax presents a marathon night of performance to benefit scene downtown. The evening is hosted by Broadway singer and MAC Award-winning comic Kim Cea and the legendary start of cult classic The Queen, Flawless Mother Sabrina. Confirmed performers include Tony Award-winner Stew; writer and cultural critic Cintra Wilson; caburlesque sensation Lady Rizo; Def Poetry Jam’s Hebrew Mamita Vanessa Hidary; Sultan of Swing Julian Fleischer; performance artist Erin Markey; boylesque wunderkind La John Joseph; composer and singer Nick Hallett; new music composer Ryan Tracy (Collective Opera Company); dance/theater artist Jack Ferver; performance artist and former Miss LEZ Glenn Marla; and the mind-blowing gogocuntrypunkmashupelectrohouse dance troupe Daisy Spurs. Aural delights courtesy of DJ Dirty Jean. Galapagos, 6 Main Street, Brooklyn. NOTE: Congrats Galapagos!

Have a great art, dance, theater, performance, music day.
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