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Kansas City

And in continuation of my Kansas City Missouri blah blogs from that blog post a couple of posts ago.., I saw my first National Rifle Association sticker on a bus shuttle that was headed toward Kansas City, Missouri of all places, some place that seems to be somewhere between Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and the wild, wild west to me. And that sticker was a red, white and blue eagle with guns and rifles and gold trimming on its circle rim on someones luggage. And what does this mean? And I could repost the same blog entry over and over in my appeal to end gun violence, to banish guns from the face of planet earth and from every human being on the face of planet earth, and from every form of advertising and marketing campaign, toys and video games. Is not society influenced by advertising? Guns are the worst invention ever. And it seems that crime is so rampant in this town of Kansas City that people are taking air conditioners, and stripping light poles to sell copper from these objects for money. And there are what seems like Wonderbread bakery outlets on every other block in this town, some sort of wonderbread nation. And the weakening economy of the George Orwellian never ending war for oil seems to appear more pronounced in this part of town as more and more people take the buses for transportation instead of driving ones car as the price of a barrel of oil and gasoline seems to go through the roof. And there are signs on the side of the roads and highways that advertise gun shows and expos at convention centers. And there are stores on the side of the roads that sell martial arts supplies, pepper spray and stun guns. And if only that fourth or is it fifth amendment can be changed to say the right to bear sticks and stones to protect ones property, instead of the right to bear arms, as if property is worth more than people. And is another world possible. Is it possible to have a world free of guns, gun violence and fear. No one is free when others are oppressed. And what would happen if nobody died or lost their life to gun violence tomorrow, would the death industry be out of a job. And it is an industry that feeds upon itself. And then there is that drug crack that has been invented and has changed the world and has infiltrated and destroyed the worlds inner city ghettos in the past two decades, seemingly forevermore. And what is that Cointelpro thing all about, that could be a whole another blog posting. And what is that beast machine in Europe, and that Carnivore intelligence program for surveillance thing in America all about. Does that Internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for this? And this all seems to be the mark of some beast to me, the beginning of the end of the last days of the world and society, its morals, values and its decline. And it is Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the age of vice, the deceiver descending. And what about that 2012 thing. And is there hope for the world that seems to be spinning out of control in these days and times. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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