The Cost of Living

Why does it cost so much to live in New York? Why does it cost so much to live anywhere? Is it inflation, and what exactly is inflation. Why is that 1970, $260 one bedroom apartment now $2600 and why is that mom and pop shop now Starbucks? Why is that corner coffee house now the corner laptop shop and why is that infamous Tompkins Square Park bandshell now the glorious tennis court? Why is that ten cents subway token now the two dollar subway token and why is that bagel now called a biagli. Why is Kmart now Walmart and why is that neighborhood bookstore now Barnes and Nobles’. Why is that Salvation Army shirt now an Urban Outfitters trend and why is that one dollar tank of gas now ten dollars. Why is Alphabet to dangerous to go there City now Alphabet let’s go there and party City and why is CBGB’s no longer CBGB’s. Why is 42nd Street now Disneyland and why is The Bowery no longer The Bowery. Is it change, ever constant. Does New York reflect the state of the world, is there change everywhere in the world now in these times. Long Live New York.

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