Have A Great Trip?

So what’s up with all of these airport trauma drama stories I’ve been hearing from friends lately. It’s summer vacation time and more and more people are flying to their vacation getaway destination and airlines are more busier than ever. And what if your vacation getaway travel plans involve reaching your destination ten days and ten trauma drama stories later with flight delays, cancellations and security checks that cause you to miss your flight from having your baggage checked and items opened, your shoes stripped and then winding up sleeping on the airport floor until the very next day. And do you get a hotel room or a bag of cookies as recompense or do you have to pay a penalty. And what’s up with those stories of you can buy liquids at the airport but you can not take them on the airplane and so you lose that gift bottle of wine and it is left behind. And what about those stories about those high tech we are looking for something devices, those scanner machines that blow air all over your body and x ray the iris of your eyes. Are civilians losing more and more of their rights in the name of terrorism and security. Is it nineteen eighty four yet, is daily life a science fiction movie these days. And despite all of this, we hope you enjoy your flight and be glad you made it to your destination. Have a great trip and happy vacation.

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