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In The End

And so I have finally come to the realization and conclusion that in the end all there is is Google. The sitemeter tells me so, that in the end all there is is Google, or maybe an AOL or Yahoo search every once in a blue moon. But mostly, all there is is Google in the end. Everything Internet seems to all be powered by Google and now that SEO terms gives a whole new meaning to me that I never realized before when I started this blog that no matter how much I try to get visitors to this site by posting on every forum and board that I can think of, artificially inflating the number of visitors to this site on a temporary basis, that in the end when I run out of blogger steam in the blogosphere and those numbers start to disappear from trying to promote this site, that in the end, all it comes down to is Google, who seems to keep this page alive with its search engine on a consistent basis. As long as I write some sort of content for this site and do nothing else as far as promoting this blog, it is Google who is there visiting. And now I truly understand what the hype is all about regarding that SEO search engine optimization thing. And how or if that Google page rank thing relates to that SEO thing I am not sure as all that Alexa is your blog in the top one billion ranking system, link popularity and other site statistic features are still too confusing for me to comprehend. And it’s sort of funny to me how I notice that the words Google and Blogger share most of the same letters. How interesting. So if there is nothing else, it seems like in the end, There is always Google.

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