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Is TMZ.com my latest Internet addiction that I have just discovered? This may be yet another reason that I may be in need of Internet Addiction Anonymous (IAA) and can use the anti Internet get sleep soon routine. After watching and following the latest Paris Hilton events on CNN the past few days and hearing them announce “According to TMZ.com” in their news reports every five minutes, I have discovered TMZ.com, and now TMZ.com may be replacing my MySpace and MyBlogLog addictions for the moment. Their site is really cool for everything celebrity news gossip and entertainment, and what’s really great is that it is super easy to comment on their articles, which is why I keep going back to their site for more and more, over and over. Their site seems to be an open forum with the comments and they are very informative with up to the minute posts and information about celebrity news and gossip, so much that I find myself waiting and watching for their next post which could be any minute now. I must visit their site soon again even after I finish typing this post so I can be the first to comment on their latest article or something. I feel as if I am watching their site like a hawk and have voluntarily joined a race. And their site is celebrity gossip heaven, you can browse celebrity news gossip by category and topic, and the sidebar on their site is endless and has even more celebrity news gossip links like Perez Hilton, Just Jared, Gawker, and A Socialite’s Life who are a member of the MyBLogLog Community, a blogging site that rocks also. And if you are into blogging for bucks like me, I can see my Google Page Rank increasing with every comment and link that I post on their site. Wow! Yet another Internet addicting website. Maybe this latest Internet website discovery shall pass also. Have a great day.

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