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A Silent Film And Television Show

As I was MyBlogLoging on that great blogger community with a bazillion blogs and more today, I came across this interesting avatar, one of those blogger profile photos that caught my eye. It was that pyramid symbol on the dollar bill of that all seeing eye, that eye that sees everything, that mystical secret unknown Illuminati, free mason secret society thing symbol. And appropriately the title of this blog was called The Views Of The All Seeing Eye Views. And they had a message on their page that stated “With the writers strike about to go into week two, swing by to see some hilarious clips from Jimmy Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship. The tears will be from your laughter. Enjoy!” And so I swang by their page and that YouTube video posted below is kind of funny. And the Writers Guild of America is on strike now, and their Hollywood writers strike has the film and television industry silent with no mew material at the moment.

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