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Underground Horns Goes To Brazil!

Hey yet again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And so it’s actually Underground Horns went to Brazil as I type this blog post. And some good friends Underground Horns went to Brazil to play some audio gumbo above ground on a Brazil festival ground and all I got was this postcard photo that finds itself posted above. And it was one of those Tudo é Jazz 2013 Brazil Jazz Festivals in Ouro Preto that I would have liked to have been taken along to even in a suitcase if I could have been to bring those Brazil dancing shoes. And that Tudo E Jazz Oficial Facebook page description of this Underground Horns goes to Brazil event read something like:
“O Festival Tudo é Jazz 2013 chega a Ouro Preto nos dias 13, 14 e 15/09, com a programação gratuita, que está recheada de grandes artistas como Thiago Pethit, Fernanda Takai, Underground Horns, Fanta Konatê, Richard Padrón, Alessandra Maestrini, o Dj Greg Caz, entre várias outras atrações!… #tudoejazz The Whole Festival is Jazz 2013 comes to Ouro Preto on days 13, 14 and 15/09, with free programming, which is filled with great artists like Thiago Pethit, Fernanda Takai, Underground Horns, Fanta Konate, Richard Padrón, Alessandra Maestrini, Dj Greg Caz, among many other attractions.”. 
And I would need one of those Google translations to actiually figure out what this means in English. And that video of Underground Horns playing on that Brazil train on the way to a playground as part of this festival that was supposed to find itself posted above, well that Underground Horns camera settings didn’t set right and that video of Underground Horns playing on that Brazil train on the way to a playground as part of that festival does not find itself posted above. And that Jornal Voz Ativa Facebook photo that’s posted above, well I added that photo of the concert after it was finished because hey, I thought that photo looked really cool. And then after this Brasil Jazz Festival was finished, Underground Horns, well at least part of Underground Horns, went to Rio de Janerio, Brazil, as in January River on one of those Underground Horns goes on a tour of this really cool place one has often heard of but never seen, or something like that. And this tour of Rio was all about Ipanema beach, Copacabana beach, and Christ The Redeemer, that really cool statue of Jesus Christ that finds himself overlooking the land of Rio. And the photos from that sightseeing in Rio, well the camera seems to have worked for that part of the trip and those photos find themselves posted above. Have a great Brazil trip day and more.
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