Welcome Cubit Family

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And being that that Google page rank update is still sending me in search of a fifth full time job, and seemingly a lot of other get rich quick with this website people as well, for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, I find myself blogging about whatever comes to mind sometimes in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever bloggers block possible. And so I found myself in that state of Missouri the other day, in that city of Kansas going to one of those family reunions, something that was like visiting ones family without ones family, or something like that. And it was kind of like you know when you watch those generations of life pass you by. And so I attempted to make the best out of it as much as I could, using this event as a great excuse to drag that camera out of the closet to take some of those photos that find themselves posted above. And if I must blagher say, some of those lawns that find themselves in that state of Kansas, well they must need a tractor to mow the lawn when the lawnmower wont get it. And I have actually found myself in this city of Kansas before some time a while ago. And that soul train line that finds itself posted above, well that was one soul train line picnic event. And in other KCMO blogger thoughts, what’s up with those churches and how long has it been since I’ve been to one of those churches. Am I still stuck in the stone age when it comes to everyone pulling out one of those cell phones, iPads or some other kind of film and video this church service device as if church has literally become some kind of theater spectacle. Since when did half of the congregation start holding up their cell phones, even the preacher, well at least the people in the church pew and church band, and even the church choir, start videotaping church services, during the service as if church has literally become a performance or musical to be videotaped or something. How are cell phones even allowed in church for this reason? Have all churches become record this service with my cell phone spectacles? Stuck in the stone age technology dang. Have a great family day and more.
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