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Vote For Me

And I think I must be running out of things to blagh about on this blogging day when I start posting photos like those ones that find themselves posted above in my attempt to maintain web 2.0 social media user generated content for this blog whenever bloggers block possible. And those photos that I came across throughout my travels in internetland on this internet day read something like “VOTE FOR THE POLITICIAN YOU CAN TRUST (with that A for anarchist symbol below those words and then above the words Nobody 2012.” And then there’s that other photo I came across in facebookland that reads something like “Freedom Is A State Of Mind. Political Language Explained. Liberate/Occupy. Transparency/Secrecy. Hope/You’re Screwed. Change/More of the same. Promise/I’m lying. Bail out/Legal robbery. Sustainability/We want you dead. Terrorist/Anyone who stands in our way. War on terror/War of terror. Spreading Democracy/Forcing Imperialism. Citizen/Slave. News/Propaganda. Freedom Fighter/CIA/Private mercenary. Voting/False hope. Central bank/Pyramid Scheme. Conspiracy theorist/Shit, they’re on to us”. And even with those headline news of the day having something to do with that vote for us of a Republican National Convention and a don’t vote for them of an Occupy Tampa and that Hurricane Isaac threatening to wipe and wash everyone out to sea, and gun violence seeming to be never ending so much that that satirical of a newspaper The Onion finds itself with headlines that read Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting, and those states of New York and New Jersey find themselves under a Frack is wack frack attack, today still finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 347, a few weeks before the anniversary of that global revolution. And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.


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