Find This Cell Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay. And for some reason or another, I find myself blogging about cell phones a lot lately. And in case you have been on planet Mars or stuck in the stone age, just about everyone on planet earth should know what those cell phones are these days and times. And so what else is there that I can say on this blog post about cell phones that  has not already been said before? Well, if you’re looking to cell phone communicate, NET10 can help you. You can find prepaid and pay as you go cell phone service at their website and you can find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well. And as a Real NET10 customer one can make long distance phone calls to over 75 countries. What? Wow! And that Cute NET10 commercial has a lot more interesting things you can hear about their cell phones as well. And then there are those YouTube videos that’s posted above, that help explain how one can talk, text and web in NET10 land as well.  With Net10 one can find QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, touch screen phones, phones with videos, cameras and just about any kind of feature one can think of when it comes to finding that cell phone.  With NET10, finding that cell phone can be just a website visit away.


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