Big Pharma

And even though this post does not find itself addressing that all too well known topic of drugs, or does it? It does happen to find itself blogging about the psychiatric industry, and big pharma which seems to be bigger than the war industry sometimes. And so I find myself blogging about the phrases Canada drugs, as in I assume drugs one can buy from Canada, over the counter drugs, as in I assume drugs one can buy over the counter, and buy lipitor, you know, that drug that probably finds itself in practically every single commercial on television. And so it seems that now with the invention of all things internet and online shopping, one can shop for those drugs without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave one of those computers. Now that’s blogger interesting. And at one can find those pharmaceuticals they may be looking for, as they are an online pharmacy where one can buy prescription and non prescription drugs to medicate a nation in some sort of way, as now finding those drugs can be just a website visit away.

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