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A Continent

And so on this blogging day of Sunday, that day of rest, I find myself posting Orwellian like on this blog again this following post that was already posted on this blog sometimes a while ago because hey, it’s less writing sometimes, I think.

I turned on the computer just now to blog about Mardi Gras and what it’s meaning is, but instead I saw a Yahoo page that read, more people have lost their lives to gun violence here today in the country of America. And a friend tells me that the continent of America has the highest crime rate in the world because of the abundance of guns, and that guns are not allowed in Europe or something like that, and that Japan, with the highest population, has the lowest rate of crime, as they may not allow guns there and that in the country of America, one can buy a gun if they have a drivers licence or something. A license, a permit and permission for what reason. And what about that right to bear arms? The whole world is paying. And I am not sure what any of this means. And as I have written in what seems like every other blog posting, who invented guns? Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. And the news stories are endless of persons losing their lives to gun violence on a daily basis as the news stories were yesterday and the news story will be tomorrow with no end in sight, for no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented. I could copy my blog entries over and over in my appeal to banish the gun industry and guns from every human being on the face of planet earth and to end the use of the images of guns in all forms of advertising, marketing, film, television and news media as I have written in blog posts of the past. It is a cycle that feeds on itself. Does not advertising influence society. Are the slaughters of wars debasing the value of human life? Will the beast, who or whatever it is, ever release it’s grip on mankind? Are the standards of social behavior declining? Is there a worldwide moral breakdown? Is society collapsing? Where is the world headed, is there hope? And one can turn the page of the newspaper to forget about these stories and atrocities of the world, yet they still exist.I am only one blogger, one voice. No one is free while others are oppressed. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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