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The Domain Name Game

And though this post does not exactly happen to be about those headline news of the day that can sometimes be all consuming in the age of technology and information internet overload ten second attention span generation stuff, it does happen to be about domain names , you know, those names that are for domains that are usually to be found on the world wide web internet that those websites call themselves. And so who would have thought that one day the space age superman Jetsons cartoon like day would come to where everyone could have one of those personal computers to do personal computing on. And so if you happen to find yourself as one of those persons with one of those personal computers with one of those websites, you may sometimes find yourself in search of one of those websites to help you host your domain name and find your website. And so along comes those web hosting websites that can help you host your website. And now with the age of all things internet, finding that website host, website domain name, market this website, design this website, website hosts and other all things internet communications and more can be just a website visit away.
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2 thoughts on “The Domain Name Game

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