The City Of Orlando

And I have heard of that city of Orlando to be found in that state of Florida that is to be found in that country or North America before. And isn’t that state called the Sunshine State? And even though the title of this blog finds itself called No Police State, it seems that it is not so often every so often that I find myself blaghing about everything No Police State and other random thoughts. And so this post happens to be about police harassment for some reason or another, as in I assume some sort of harassment that is by those policy polizei police in that city of Orlando. And everyone, or at least a lot of people must have heard of that term police harassment by now I would think as one of those human being dwellers here on planet earth. And so if you happen to be wondering what that police harassment is all about as I am, now with the invention of all things world wide web and internet forums land, you can find it and read all about it at OrlandoForums.com, as they are an internet forum about police harassment in Orlando and more all the time. And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?
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