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Insure This Life

Another person has passed away. Another person has died. And so this posting not just happens to be about the Buy Life Insurance thing when one passes away, though also about that autopsy post mortem examination thing that goes along with that life insurance policy that goes along with death that goes along with life. And what’s that one may not receive that life insurance after someone passes unless one gets that autopsy and death certificate thing all about anyway? Is that some sort of money racket or something? And for what reason do the seemingly majority of humanity undergo these autopsy after death things anyway? It can be a drag that one has passed away already, and then to cut one open to examine one for a cause of death after death on top of everything else, just to get that life insurance and money to bury that person or what not, what’s that all about? And is there a way to get around this give us your body to cut up to get the life insurance thing? Cremation, stay away from the morgue or anything else? Is this whole autopsy after death thing legal, and the law. And what is the law. And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?
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