The Internet

And in case one has been stuck in the stone age of centuries ago, one may have not realized that these days and times happen to be the age of all things computers and that recent thing called the internet, world wide web. And who would have thought that one day everyone could have one of those personal computers to connect with others and do lots of other computing like things on those television like devices where one can change the channel on, like some information overload kind of thing. And welcome to the age of space technology. And do you sometimes find yourself in the middle of nowhere here on planet earth, unable to access that internet and connect to the world web web to surf that web. Well now there’s satelite internet for those who find themselves in the middle of nowhere. With satellite internet, I would imagine that one could connect to that internet sitting or a beach, or even in the middle of the ocean. Now with one of those satellites communication devices placed high up in the sky that beam those satelite beams down to planet earth, one could be surfing the web in no time, even from the middle of nowhere somewhere here on planet earth. And with the invention of all things internet, finding one of those satelite internet companies can be just a website visit away.
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