The End Of The Internet

And so this is another one of those posts where I find myself blah blogging just for the sake of maintaining this blog with content whenever possible. Sort of like when I encounter that blah bloggers block every often of what to blog about. And how do those other seemingly bazillion other bloggers out there in bloggerland keep up with those blogs with blogging content. Is there still an internet guru who can answer this question. And so one of those topics that came up in one of those conversations at one of those gatherings the other day was what happens if the internet got turned off? Is there a light switch somewhere that can turn the internet on and off. Now I’ve heard of censorship and the internet or what not, though what about the stop, you have reached the end of the internet scenario. Does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for this? Is that possible, as that could be a whole another blog entry for someone who could know the answer.
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