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July 4th Again

Hey again bloggers. And on this day I find myself blah blogging again about whatever topic comes to mind for the sake of maintaining content for this blog whenever possible. And so that holiday of July 4th has made its way around again this year. So much, that I now find myself reposting those events from Facebook and this blogs former blagh entries from the previous years over and over as follows, and also because hey, it’s less writing sometimes…:

Sci Fi Fourth of July, July 4, 2010,8pm
Live Music, B-Boy vs. B-Girl Battle, Dance-tastic DJs, BBQ, and BlackLight Decoration!

Surreal Estate, Brooklyn’s largest and most diverse collective space
invites you to a veggie friendly BBQ and three-floor party on the 4th of July.

$10 at the door
8pm Rooftop opens with BBQ
4am We’re out with a Bang!

MC Jaze Art Remote hosting
B-Boy vs B-Girl Breakdancing Battle for $300 prize money
(10pm sign ups, 11pm battle kicks off)

Hank and Cupcakes (Israeli Drum & Bass Pop Duo),DJ Geko Jones (Worldbeat Rooftop Set),Navegante (Latin Experimental),DJ Poodle Cannon (Gypsy Rock, Global Dance),Spirit Child (Hip Hop Freedom Singer),Bobby the Greek (Greek Rembetika),Bangladeafy (Berzerker Drum & Bass Duo),The Homeless People (Rooftop Acoustic Set with Accordion, Violin, and Washboard).

Bring your grilling favorites and set them sizzling on the hood of the UFO that just made a Surreal Estate rooftop landing! We’re introducing our interstellar guests to the best Brooklyn can offer, especially the otherworldly sounds of our favorite music, including the international rhythms and grooves of DJ Geko Jones, the epic Israeli pop duo Hank and Cupcakes, the gyspy jazz beats of DJ Poodle Cannon, and the electrifying accordion/violin of The Homeless People. Scope out the tricky moves of New York’s best three-legged, four-armed breakdancers at the Breakdancing Battle as they compete for $300 prize money on our new wooden dance floor. After all that dancing, we’ll show our visitors how to cool their green skin in the kiddie pool, and give them some cold spiked ice tea. After all, Surreal Estate has a perfect view of the fireworks from the roof and three floors of the best kind of alien contact! Come and meet our new friends and help us welcome them to the U.S. of A

And this one also….

SLF 4th of July Rooftop Party (BK Heights)
Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 7:00pm

RSVP for Location
Avoid tourist crowds, cheesy parties, and expensive bars: Come spend independence day chilling in SLF Style with BBQ, Mojitos and good tunes on a sweet Brooklyn Heights rooftop.

The SLF Crew and friends will bring the vibe with a blend of House, Hip Hop, Soul, Afrobeat and Reggae. We’ll have a special brass band set from our friends People’s Champs. The rooftop is located one block from the waterfront and has full/unobstructed view of lower Manhattan better than any fireworks. It is truly one of the best place to be in the city!

Hope to see y’all there.

7p-2a | FREE | BYOB + Cash Bar

And these former blog entries from this blog that seem to find themselves repeating themselves over and over each year on this blog…..

It’s July 4th again. Another one of those national American patriotic holidays that is celebrated and observed only in America and nowhere else in the world. And what does the word “Patriotic” mean anyway? And for what reason does the word patriot have the word riot in it. And that “Parens Patriae” government as parent, father of a country sovereign guardianship of property thing, what’s that all about? That could be a whole another blog post of isms of some sort. And it’s that time of year again when the image of the American flag is worshiped and honored for whatever the reason may be and more patriotic songs are sung and more pledging of allegiance to the flags are pledged. Didn’t the flag waving just end last month with Memorial May, the other ultimate patriotic American holiday? And what is being celebrated this time? I can’t remember the meaning of July fourth. Doesn’t it have something to do with freedom or the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia? I am not sure if anyone is free when others are oppressed and civil liberties are disappearing at the speed of light in the name of “Security and terrorism” and now, the latest trend “Plots”. Although the showbusiness of fireworks for pyrotechnics of peace and war for this day can be really cool to look at and the rooftop parties can be fun. Again, I should consult Wikipedia, the ultimate internet bible to understand the meaning of this holiday. Happy July 4th, great travels, fireworks, barbecues, beachgoing and picnics.

And this one also…..


Today is July 4th. The fourth of July. It’s a day when there will be lots of events, celebrations, parties, barbeque’s and outdoor activities going on. Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic that will be disposed of today in all of this activity? Have you taken time to think of where that plastic cup or bag goes when you throw it in the garbage. As most of the parties today will most likely not be contributing to the recycling program. There are countries in Europe that impose a plastic bag tax, PlasTax of .5 cents for every plastic bag you receive to discourage the frivolous use of plastic. Ireland has reduced their consumption of plastic bags by 90 percent as a result. As New York City is contemplating a plastic ban, the plastic pimper corporations are not. America is drowning in plastic. As I have mentioned before, the evils of plastic are many. It is a non biodegradable object fueling the petroleum oil industry. The health hazards of plastic are many. Greenhouse gas emissions have run amok. Drains are being clogged and drain flooding is increasing. The birds of the earth are dying and choking from it and people are suffocating from it. For what reason is not a more natural material and product being created to replace plastic? If you are at a party today, consider the environment. Consider reusing your cup or your bag today. Go Green. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy July 4th.
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