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And the Sea Became Blood

And in between reading those scary British Petroleum BP oil spill headlines that seem to be everywhere in the headline news lately and going about the daily routine, these headlines have me wondering about the Oilapocalypse, apocalypse, Armageddon, Hopi Prophecy, 2012, doomsday and if its the beginning of the end of the world again thing with titles and text having something to do with, and the third part of the sea became blood, the BP logo looks like the Nibiru Wormwood flower, that burning star falling from the sky in the book of Revelations, the east and west coast of North America may have to evacuate because of the oil spill, hurricanes may cover the world and poison the rivers and waters with toxins from the Gulf oil spill, it’s raining oil in Louisiana, the sea bed is cracked and oil is escaping from it, there’s a bubble of methane gas under the ocean floor creating dead zones with no oxygen for life to live, and a host of other religious, conspiracy, fanatic, frantic, if those are even the correct words to use thoughts. And so I thought to post one of those many, many videos to be found posted on YouTube related to this oil spill topic. Have a great day, if possible.
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