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Make Music New York

And isn’t today Fathers Day in America? And also Sunday, that day of rest that has rolled around each week and year again. Or is that Saturday, the Sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging away. And in between reading those Revelations 8 and the third part of the sea became blood end of the world BP gulf oil spill doomsday headlines and YouTube videos, I find myself coming across music event listings for Make Music New York, that one day music celebration that takes place each year on June 21st throughout the streets of New York in hundreds of public spaces with free concerts from just about every musician one can think of like the play me I’m yours piano installations art project, mass appeal concerts to be held at venues like Lincoln Center, Central Park Summerstage, Punk Island, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Park Slope, East Village, Union Square, Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Metropolitan Opera and many, many, many more. And there are similar Make Music events in other cities around the world on this day also. And in other music event listings to be found in that L Magazine, that culture and events listings guide to be found in those orange boxes on those street corners throughout the city of New York, the Northside Festival is happening in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn June 24-27th in that city of New York as well with concerts, showcases, benefit shows and performances from seemingly hundreds and hundreds of artists including The Albertans, Anamanaguchi, Apse, Au Revoir Simone, Bad Girlfriend, Chica Vas, Cloud Nothings, Cults, Darlings, Dinosaur Bones, The Doctors Fox, Dom, Eternal Summers, Eula, The Fiery Furnaces, Fucked Up, Golden Girls, Grails, Grandchildren, The Grates, Gray Young, The Great Unwashed, Grooms, The Gypsy West, High Places, The Hundred in the Hands, Islands, Les Savy Fav, Les Vinyl, Liars, Marie Stella, Memory Tapes, Men, Milagres (ex-The Secret Life of Sofia), MiniBoone, Mon Khmer, Moon Duo, Parenthetical Girls, Polvo, The Rabbits, Real Estate, Red Rooster, The Senors of Marseille, Shark?, Shoney Lamar, Sic Alps, The Smoking Popes, The Sundelles, Thao and Mirah with the Most of All (Thao Nguyen with Mirah), That Fleeting World, Titus Andronicus, True Womanhood, Twin Sister, Viernes, The Wave Pictures, Wavves, We Are Country Mice, Woods and many, many, many, many, many, many more. And these Make Music and Northside Festivals New York concerts rock.
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