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An Art Show

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And in my facebookomaniaoholicness, I came across this following art event to be found in that city of New York as one of those many events that seem to appear daily on that facebook website. And every so often I find myself blah blogging about events on this blog for some reason or another, and also because hey, it’s less writing sometimes in my attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible in that web 2.0 user generated social media content era. And those facebook events seem to be endless. And this event art rocks. Have a great art day.


Overstimulated is a student-curated takeover of a commercial retail space in lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, only a few blocks from the student’s university: PACE. A bridge project pulling from the student’s own work to those of their mentors and professors, and extending the collaborators that the student’s have been experimenting with outside of the university, this large scale group show of peers, faculty, and friends represents and celebrates the transition from campus life into the hustling New York art-world.

Almost 50 participating artists with work ranging from fabric installations, interactive sculptures, live painting, photography, film, collage, drawings, and digital illustrations create an immersive environment to explore and lose yourself in throughout the week’s packed schedule of events filled with live music, theater, poetry, and film screenings.

April 22nd – April 29th
Free and open to the public

Organized by Lia Woertendyke & Joe Ahearn
In collaboration w/ BACKYART & SHOWPAPER

Artwork by Andrea Cruz, Joe Ahearn, Stephany Cardet, Lia Woertendyke, Janine Wallach, Shervin Nassi, Tanya Vazirani, Wanda Ward, Brian Rentas, Anastasiya Kizima, Katherine Sohm, Charlotte Cutler, Katie Hart, Erin Giblin, Emily Morris, Roger Sayre, Linda Herrit, Jane Dickson, Barbara Friedman, Will Pappenheimer, Linda Gottesfeld, Charlie Ahearn, Robin Tewes, Liz Laser, Sarah Valeri, Catalina Martinez, Sam Friedman, Liam Alexander, Lara Goetzel, GJ Lee, Astrid Andujar, Santana Dempsey, Jennie Booth, Dana Perrotti, Dave Herr, Diana Federico, Taras Hrabowsky, Eric Williams, Christine Rucker, Francesca Tallone, Jim Earl, Ali Gauss, Kyle Depew, Daniel Giordano, Kelly Orpelia, Charlotte Becket, Kaitlin Gallucci, Jennifer Schwarting (and more and more and more and more and more…)

SCHEDULE (all events begin at 6pm!)

Thursday, April 22nd – OPENING PARTY
performance (w/ live painting) by Colorform
hazing by The Soda Frat

Friday, April 23rd – MUSIC PERFORMANCES
curated by SleepWhenDead with

Ava Luna
Blissed Out


curated by Backyart

performance by Annie Lanzilotto & Fiasco
with live tarot card readings by Marcy Currier

Sunday, April 25th – FILM SCREENING
films by Shervin Nassi, Andrea Cruz, Charlie Ahearn, Taras Hrabowsky, Dave Herr, Catalina Martinez, and Liz Laser

readings by Nina Freeman, Alaina Stamatis, Joe Ahearn, Jordan Michael, Tom Henry, Kyle Breen

Thursday, April 29th – CLOSING PARTY
Square dance lead by The Dust Busters

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