And for some reason I find myself blogging about the word haggard on this day. And who or what is a haggard, as I think that it has something to do with the worn out older lady or something like that. Or to look worn out, maybe. And what’s up with that term hagar the horrible, who’s that? Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for that one. And the origin of this word being related to that lady Hagar in that book the bible whose story was something about an egyptian slave girl who was thrown by the wayside on the road by her husband after she was all used up or something like that. And her name also seems to have something to do with children and descendants of children. And so that is a mystical interesting word to me. And now what about Hagar the horrible, who or what is that all about again? Well according to Wikipedia again, that has something to do with some caveman in a comic strip. And then there’s hag, and I’ve heard that term used before amongst humanity also, as in old hag, the witch. And are these greek mythological words with lots of hidden mystical meanings. Are there some sort of philosophies to go along with these and the origins of these words. Folktales, folklore and fairytales, creatures, gods and goddesses. Have a great blogging day.

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