Traveling and the backpacker. And I must say, I have always thought of the image of that backpacker backpacking it in their travels and sometimes even hitch hiking it across the country in their travels and adventures as a cool idea, as I think more of this type of travel was done by people decades ago during those more free spirit of a times. And I think there are London hotels where there is still backpacking to be found. And I would imagine that there must be a whole science and technique to the art of backing around town and beyond, maybe. And that if one could not figure out how to go about this that there must be lots of information, tips and travel guides to be found online as far as how to backpack. And I always think of the image of backpacking as traveling with as little personal belongings as possible, maybe. And I have heard many a story and tales of peoples travels throughout London and Europe and staying at various places throughout their travels. And those are always usually stories of freedom to explore to me. So whether the campground, backyard or hostel, have a great travel day.

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