Wartella’s Back

Hey bloggers, and this is one of those random posts where I find myself trying to figure out what to blah blog about in my attempt to maintain this blog with some sort of content whenever possible. And even when the world seems as if it is falling down all around me, I still find myself blah blogging sometimes. And so one of those statements and questions I ask and say to myself on this day after reading this weeks edition of The Village Voice, is Wartella’s back with his ingenious, could the word be agitprop with the political slant cartoons. And where’s Stan Mack and his real life funnies. And in other thoughts, I somehow found myself in one of the churches the other day listening to some sermon about the patience of Job having faith in God during a test of Satan and to hold on to God, or something like that. And does this biblical story have some sort of moral to apply to life here on planet earth. What’s that all about. And what a sermon indeed. Have a great random thoughts day.

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