The Concrete Jungle

And as I found myself wandering along that East River Park in that city of New York the other day, (which was actually a while ago by now…), I found myself beholding that East River with its ships, boats, runners, joggers, bikers and roller skaters passing by. And so I found myself walking inland afterwards, towards the city, towards what seemed like the concrete jungle, maybe. And for some reason that phrase prison industrial complex came to mind. What’s that phrase all about. Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for that? Would Halliburton and that welfare war machine know what that phrase is all about. What do those words mean. And in other thoughts, what happened to that Salvation Army thrift store that used to be in that city of New York that is no longer there. And as far as I know when I went there looking for it in my thriftness, it seemed to have fallen to the latest victim of gentrification, genocide and was replaced by the latest trendy, chi chi restaurant, bar, cafe, shopping or housing venue. And that real estate and gentrification in that city of New York topic, well, that could be a whole another blog posting. Have a great concrete jungle, gentrification day.

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