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A Naked Cowboy For Mayor

Hey Bloggers , or anyone who happens to be reading this blog, have you heard? The Naked Cowboy is running for Mayor. I know because practically every newspaper, radio station and television news report from yesterday says so. And The Naked Cowboy Rocks, or at least busks away on just about any given day to be found in Times Square in that City of New York. And what else is there to blah blog about that hasn’t already been said about The Naked Cowboy, his underpants, cowboy boots and his guitar. And then there’s that Times Square Alliance best of the buskers entertainment series, as Times Square is going green with its pedestrian plaza, it’s the new thing. And according to yesterdays Metro Newspaper and The Naked Cowboys website also, his campaign slogan is “Because nobody has done more with less”. Though Naked Cowboy is not alone in his race for Mayor of that city of New York, there’s also Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, the Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of Stop Shopping Choir and others as well. And hey, here’s a video of a band and that Naked Cowboy in Times Square performing as part of the Times Square Alliance Best of the Buskers entertainment series at the new Father Duffy Square. Have a great Naked Cowboy For Mayor day.

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4 thoughts on “A Naked Cowboy For Mayor

  1. There's finally a candidate in the NYC mayoral race who is talking about the issues that actual voters care about, given that most of candidates traditional just talk about what the tri-state media cares about. If only he were wearing a suit and tie instead of tighty-whiteys, he might have a shot!

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