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Michael Jackson

And with the news of the day that seems as if it is prempting all other news. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, has passed away from cardiac arrest, and according to TMZ.com, as yet another victim of hollywood and psychiatry, painkillers, morphine and demerol. And I found myself posting this following post on this blog a while ago:

Hey Bloggers, and somehow I came across this video while youtubeing on YouTube the other day in search of youtubeness and that “Claudine” movie from the sixties, that lead me to “Sparkle” that other classic movie from I think the 80’s that then led me somehow to Donny Hathaway,a composer who has songs in these films. And his songs seem as if they can bring the holy ghost to one with their gospel overtones. And it is really cool to me the idea that one can watch whole films and television shows on YouTube for if nothing else to do, seemingly hours at a time, endless. And so in my search for this Donny Hathaway, Giving Up (Live At The Astrodome) video that came up. it was somehow written that Donny Hathaway was another one of those entertainers who died a tragic death and whose life was cut short, possibly as the result of Hollywood production companies, psychiatry and its psychotropic medications of bug spray chemical lobotomies mainly. And this entertainer seems to have passed along the lines of so many countless entertainers and classic legends as Marilyn, Anna, Keith, Kurt, Elvis and other entertainers of hollywood who could have possibly become victims of hollywood, the mental death system, psychiatry and contracts. And Psychiatry Kills. Abolish involuntary forced psychiatric treatment. No one is free while others are oppressed. And I do not believe in mental illness. I have always thought of it as problems in living. And those EDP emotionally disturbed people are everyday people to me. And I have always thought of psych cia tricks as legalized drug dealers, mass murderers in white coats, an industry bigger than the war industry originating in Nazi Germany whose origin is of eugenics and genocide. And for all things alternatives to psychiatry, Mind Freedom is a good website to visit for human rights in the mental health system. And what, if anything does this have to to do with a No Police State. Have a great entertainment day.
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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

  1. Indeed – psychiatry is fully morally and ethically bankrupt. As a “subject” it has no basis in science.

    I've watched congressional debates into “labeling children” (by “screening”) in which a Neurosurgeon — somebody who has to get results — successfully refutes a PANEL of psychiatrists about the validity of their so-called “research”, showing that every one of the papers they cite were refused for technical problems (faulty research) or in fact never reviewed or published. In other words, good science is not a friend of psychiatry.

    Fueled by vast sums from drug companies that earn BILLIONS from drugs, and justified with completely made-up “facts” like “corrects the chemical imbalance of the brain”, the psycho-pharma alliance routines drugs, maims and kills its patients.

    And yes, it is true – there is NO valid science behind “chemical imbalance” – there is no physical test (like a fluid test of ANY kind, a biopsy, etc.) which any doctor can make that actually measures this made-up malady. Instead, it is entirely subjective – the opinion of the psychiatrist in other words – as to whether you have one.

    We haven't had “medicine” like that since they bled people to let out “evil humors” – but here it is.

    Sadly, people regularly are killed by this mistreatment. MJ, rest in what peace you can, having been so betrayed.

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