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A Divided Group

And today must be Earth Day, as those photos of the earth on Google’s homepage seems as if they say so. Or at least Earth Day may be near, that day to go green, it’s the new thing to help save planet mother earth. And that could be a whole another environmental blog posting. And so on his days randoms thoughts is the world of online dating. And I have seen it advertised for different chat rooms every single category except an obvious category that seems to be excluded in these advertisements as if that group could be supreme and all others are not so supreme, or in the minority maybe. And it seems to be dating congregation segregation. And those groups advertised advertise themselves as “LDS Chat City, chat rooms about LDS, and what’s an LDS anyway.,, the name explains itself I guess,, online dating for single moms,, online dating for punk rockers,, online dating for black bbw singles, and what’s a black bbw anyway.,, online dating for interracial dating, local chat city, chat rooms for locals, this one seems usual., christian chat city, chat rooms for christians, single parent chat city, chat rooms for singe parents, bbw chat city, chat rooms for bbw, again what is a bbw., tattoo chat city, chat rooms about tattoos, jewish chat city, chat rooms for jewish people, wheelchair chat city, chat rooms for handicapped,, online dating for emo singles, and what’s an emo anyway., and the list does not seem to go on at the moment. And is there someone or some group of people missing here on this list maybe. Am I missing something. And it seems as if it could be babylon, confusion, the separating of a nationality. And I have heard it said somewhere before on those social t-shirts, “Black, red, white, yellow, green; human”. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

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3 thoughts on “A Divided Group

  1. mediameme says:

    Thanks for paying attention. Strange how discrimination/racism creates a need for these identities. Labels which mainly serve to further alienate.

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