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An Art Opening

And today is that Sunday day time of the week again, that day of the sun, sabbath day of rest, or is that Saturday? And yet I find myself blah blogging away on this blog for some reason. And so someone actually did send me a few photos of that art event I found myself blogging about just yesterday on this blog. And that person was a guy named Ves who sent me those photos from above, as this art event was one of those times that I did not find myself dragging that camera out of the closet, whose only purpose seems to be to collect dust these days. And those photos above are from Leo’s Art Opening the other night in Dumbo, that neighborhood in Brooklyn in that City of New York where every other person seems as if they are an artist of some sort. And those photos above are of these two people dressed up in their art installation which seemed to be themselves, sitting on I guess Leo’s bed. And they were a colorful art installation indeed. And that art event was from the Leo Kuelbs Collection, titled “Space Within Space”, New Sculpture and Installations at “dumbo art under the bridge festival”, Opening Party with work by ON megumi Akiyoshi, OLEK, Thomas Lendvai, Christy Singleton, Adriana Varella, Nilton Maltz, Andrew Eustler and Chris Herbeck. And his art events rock and are usually a great excuse for me to go see cool artwork. Have a great art day.
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