And I am here wondering what this title “Is it really green?” that was in the am New York newspaper from some time ago is all about. And this article says something about are those new light bulbs that have been replacing regular incandescent light bulbs really green. And for some reason that phrase “Too much light makes the baby go blind” comes to mind. Are these little spirally shaped designed energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs really safe? And they seem to be a gazillion and hundreds of times times more brighter that those regular home electric light bulbs that I am used to. And though they may be safer for the environment, I am not so sure if they are safer for the eyes and eyesight. And then there is that topic of fluorescent light. And for some reason that word fluorescent reminds me of the word Lucifer, Luciferfluoresce, the devil, the deceiver and bearer of light who changes form. And then it has me wondering if all of these institutional lighting that is to be found throughout the world could really be from or some form of the devil, evil that lives, to deceive mankind in my fanatic thoughts. And this changing of regular household standard light bulbs to fluorescent “Go Green” lighting gets me to wondering if it is really environmentally conscious at all. Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind..
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