Sky Mall

Now this Sky Mall magazine seems like one interesting magazine to be found in the sky. And I gather these magazines are to be found on airplanes and airline travel to pass ones time shopping and contemplating shopping away throughout that flight to ones destination. And this book seems like one of those magazines for everyone who already has everything when it comes to gadgets, as most of the inventions to be found in this magazine are gadgets that one does not usually come across in those strip malls to be found across the country. And some of those gadgets and inventions are almost hilarious, so much that one could fill up their time and place of dwelling with manuals on just how to operate all of these gadgets. And some of those products have names and titles such as: “Get the big screen experience on the go with Vuzix wear, serve up piping hot mini doughnuts in less than a minute, solar panel bags charge your electronics on the go, x5: the next generation of laser hair therapy, fog free mirror keeps you on time, teak seating for the shower, charging tray eliminates need for unsightly wall adapters, the floating wireless speaker, the tabletop photo studio, the only digital camera swim mask, the slide and negative to digital picture converter, the voice activated r2-d2, the indoor dog restroom, the lp and cassette to cd recorder stereo system, the cordless rechargeable fan, the digital photo to dvd converter, the portable inflatable whirlpool spa, the original sleep sound generator, the peaceful progression wake up clock, the motion sickness relief wrist band, the keep your distance bug vacuum, the foldaway 39 exercise gym, the fingerprint reading garage entry system, the worlds largest crossword puzzle, the backyard dog agility course, the pets observation porthole, the upside down tomato garden, bring the magic of the big screen to your backyard, ice in under 10 minutes, peel and press berber tiles make the easiest wall to wall carpeting, wireless headphones let you listen to your stereo, cd or tv without disturbing others, pets who need a little help getting up onto furniture will appreciate this fold away pupstep plus, dispense paper towels with a wave of your hand, break the language barrier wit this talking translator, with the proper support you can sleep sitting up, protect your identity with out rfid blocking wallet, passport holder and billfold, portable uvc light kills 99.99 percent of germs without harsh chemicals, provide your lost pet a toll free calling card the pet finder id system, detox foot patches, become a spelling bee champ with the speaking spelling bee, the portable office, personalized hometown jigsaw puzzle, everwood outdoor shower, design your own kitchen cart. And this list of Sky Mall products goes on and on. Have a great shopping day.
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