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Gone Fishing

And I am gone fishing, or at least going fishing on a mission to that place in America called Kansas City, Missouri in middle america where seemingly lots of american flags are waved. And from what I hear, that inner City of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas is still reeling in the midst of a crack epidemic, and crime and gun violence are running rampant. And who invented that drug crack anyway, the State? And who is the state? And that drug crack and guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever, and it seems to be the Iron age and Kali Yuga and what seems like the beginning of the end of the world and the deterioration of humanity in these days and times. And there is a blight in this City I hear, so much that the only businesses open in the inner city are the churches and liquor stores. And schools are closing from segregation and desegregation as people move further and further out to the suburbs to avoid the inner city and its changing population and times. And has the face and population of the suburbs changed in time also? And I plan to be another one of those travelling travailling tourists again who attempt to blah blog their travelling travels I guess of whatever the tourists sites there are that that city has to offer. And from what I read, Kansas City Missouri is mostly known for Charlie Parker, that great jazz musician, and bar b que. And some tourists sites there to visit are places like Arthur Bryant BBQ, 18th and Vine, a historical jazz district which is located at the former railroad tracks and border of what was once the street where african americans could not travel past or move beyond in downtown Kansas City Missouri. And decades later, times seem to have changed indeed. And there is also the Negro Baseball Museum located there, The American Jazz Museum, The Black Archives of Mid America and a few other tourists sites I imagine. And I am not sure how my blogahohlicness and trying to find one of those computers to blog my blogaholicness may hold up during these times. And however these days and times may go have a great travelling and blogging day.

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2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. NPSG – As a youngster, when my family would visit relatives in Warrensburg, we’d always make sure to get to Kansas City for the bbq and music – this was back in the ’60’s and 70’s. I haven’t been there since and wish you all the best while on your journey. Be well.

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