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An Interesting Video

And someone had posted the above YouTube video on my MySpace page today. And it is such a beautiful, peaceful and poetic video to watch, that I thought to repost it. And that video above came with a message that read “I made this video a while ago. It has helped many people transform their lives”, and is called a “Live the life you love transformation movie” by cosmic buffet. And it seems to be a positive video with positive thoughts to give one a more hopeful, uplifting and more positive way of thinking. And this video could have been straight out of one of those Buddhist philosophy books and classes with it many sayings and phrases. And the photos are all so beautiful, colorful, serene, peaceful and blissful to look at with a lot of natural scenes and it can almost have one believe that the world is a perfect, beautiful and flawless place; that is before one turns on at least this computer and read the latest horrible instant news of the day and Yahoo headlines with the latest and seemingly endless atrocities of the day. And one sees images of a person holding a gun in their hand in the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie ads that are plastered on every form of advertising this day, glamorizing and influencing the world and society as if guns are a cool thing to have. Does not media, marketing and advertising influence society? Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. And the list of horror stories and headlines of this world seem to go on and on. Where is the world headed. And so I guess if one wanted to imagine the world is a beautiful and peaceful place, this would be a great video to watch. But try not to watch any form of news after that if one wants to keep that peaceful, positive and beautiful image of a perfect world. And maybe this movie can help to transform the world to a better place. Is another world possible. Have a great video day.

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2 thoughts on “An Interesting Video

  1. NPSG – Awesome. Watched the DVD ‘You Can Change Your Life’ – by Louise L. Hay. Also bought the book.Give it a lash – you won’t be sorry. Again thanks for the video – don’t tell anyone I cried.

  2. Anonymous says:

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